DrayTek Vigor 2952 Dual-WAN Router Firewall & Load Balancer

DrayTek Vigor 2952 Router

DrayTek Vigor 2960 Router

DrayTek Vigor 2960 Router

DrayTek Vigor 2952P Router with PoE

Vigor 2952P - High performance router, dual WAN, 4-Port poE
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Overview: Draytek Vigor 2952P Router

The DrayTek Vigor 2952 is an enterprise grade dual WAN router/firewall which offers load balancing or failover via the two deidcated Ethernet WAN connections. With the option to use WAN port 1 as either an RJ-45 or SFP for connection, the Vigor 2952 ofers an additional 2 x USB connections which allow the connection of 3G/4G or LTE to the network**, helping to add further resiliency. The 2952 also comes with 4 Gigabit LAN ports.

With an impressive 500 Mb/s firewall throughput, the Vigor 2952 is ideal for VoIP deployments and features a range of advanced functionalities including VLAN tagging, VPN, High Availability, DNS filter, Policy Based Routing and User Access Control. In addition, when deployed with DrayTek wireless access points, the Vigor 2952 can act as the central management controller.

For critical applications, users have the option to pair two Vigor 2952's in high availability mode providing a robust failover solution.

*For integrated PoE, the 2952P model comes with a total power budget of 60W across 4 ports which is ideal for powering wireless APs, IP cameras and IP phones without the need for a separate PoE switch.

**Requires compatible 3G/4G/LTE stick.

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