3CX Phone System


3CX is a software-based IP phone system that works with SIP standard based IP Phones, SIP trunks and VoIP gateways to provide a full PBX solution. Offering a complete set of Unified Communications features, 3CX makes the installation, management and maintenance of phone systems easy.

The 3CX ios and Android apps allow mobile phones to become physical extensions which means everyone is "in when they are out" allowing call transfers and on hold.  The PC app allows you to use your desktop as a fully featued phone, simply connect a USB headset and your up and running without the cost of a physical phone

3CX licences are charged by number of simultaneous calls required, Unlike other software-based PBX's, rather than a number of users. Supporting 4 to 1024 simultaneous calls and a range of versions available, you can create a scalable, low cost solution to meet your needs. Systems can also be expanded with the addition of the 3CX "SBC" which allows your phone system to be linked with remote offices as if they were in the same building. Perfect for remote offices or working from home.


Features of 3CX

3CX Versions

Here we list some of the defining features between the different 3CX versions (features listed are correct as per 3CX version 16 and above).
For a more complete list of features, visit the 3CX Edition Comparision.

Features Standard Pro Enterprise
Licencing model Perpetual or Annual Perpetual or Annual Perpetual or Annual
Number of Simultaneous calls 4 to 1024 4 to 1024 4 to 1024
Extensions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic plug & play phone provisioning yes yes yes
IP phone management yes yes yes
Voicemail yes yes yes
Call logging yes yes yes
Call recording No yes yes
Call queuing No yes yes
Hotel module No yes yes
Hot desking No yes yes
Barge in / Listen in / Whisper No yes yes
CRM integration No yes yes
Skill based routing No No yes
Inbuilt failover No No yes
Web conferencing 25 participants 100 participants 250 participants
Web conference dial-in No yes yes

Ordering Information

Ordering guide

There are lots of different 3CX licences available, in order to choose the best solution for you ranging from the Free edition, Standard, Pro or Enterprise check the features chart in the About 3CX section

You can download a fully functional 3CX installer and receive more info by clicking here

3CX IP Phone System Pricing

3CX pricing is based on the number of simultaneous calls, for the full list of 'end user' pricing please visit 3CX Pricing.

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